"Firefighter" Wash

"The basis of all details". This service is best for a quick cleanup of your well-maintained car. Consists of a wash & dry, quick interior vacuum and dust wipe-down with a UV protectant. Interior glass is also cleaned to a streak-free finish.  This level is also perfect as a maintenance wash to keep you detailed car looking just-detailed all year long! 

$50 all passenger vehicles.
$20 add 4-6 week paint sealant / gloss enhancement. $35 add 4-month ceramic hybrid sealant.

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"Captain" Detail

"A thorough cleaning". This level of service is perfect for those who need a bit more than the"Firefighter" Basic wash provides, but not necessarily a full detail. It includes interior as well as exterior services, a paint sealant good for up to 2 months of gloss and protection, and 3M fabric protectant on for carpeted floor-mats, carpets, and fabric seats.  

Starting at $200

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"Chief" Detail

"Like it's new again". The "Chief" Detail is our most complete level of detail service. It provides for the highest level of cleaning for your interior, engine bay, and exterior surfaces. It also includes 2 month paint sealant and interior fabric protection. 

Starting at $275

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"Chief" Plus Detail with Protection Package

"Better than New"   The "Chief Plus" is our Chief Detail with added long term protection for your interior fabrics, leather, paint and windshield. Includes 6-8 month protection with IGL, Griot's and CarPro high quality professional products. 

Upgrade to a 1-year Ceramic Coating with Graphene on paint and glass surfaces for $250

Starting at $375

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Interior or Exterior Only

If you are looking for just the interior or exterior to be detailed this is what you're looking for. Provides services included in the "Chief" level, but just to the inside or outside of the vehicle

Starting at $175

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Express Wash / ON-Site Service

This is our "Firefighter" wash that we do at office buildings. The same services, with a few optional add-ons. Perfect for the busy professional who wants to keep their car cleaned up! Click "Read More" for PDF copy of a break-room flyer and sign-up sheet. (limited to 3 cars without water connection and 6-7 cars per day total) 

$50 (including tax) +$10 for leather conditioning, +$20 for 4-6 week paint sealant, +$35 for 12-week paint protection,+$50 for IGL Premier Ceramic / Hybrid  Sealant for up to 6 months protection (incl. prep). 

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Popular Optional Exterior Services

Paint Sealants & Wax
There are a few options for paint sealant available. A 4-6 week polymer-based sealant is the standard on all exterior work. You can upgrade to a 6- month hybrid ceramic coating for $100. At the top of the spectrum would be dedicated ceramic coatings starting at $499 for a one-year coating. Learn more on the Protective Coatings page.  Those who prefer the glow of  tried and true carnauba wax, we have it available also. 

Windshield & Glass Coating
Hydrophobic coating repels water, snow, ice and bugs from collecting on your windshield. Best way to think of it is like Rain-EX (R) but much better performing and last much, much longer. Rain blows off at speed and bug will come right off with no effort. $35 3-month windshield only, $75 for all (6). $200 for a full year on all glass and mirrors.  

Headlight Restoration 
Removes oxidation and yellowing from UV damage and returns lenses to like new clarity for safer and more efficient light output.  $35 add-on to an existing service visit, or $65 on it's own. Add $80 for high performance UV protective IGL Headlight Ceramic Protection.

Plastic / Composite Trim Restoration
Faded exterior trim can be returned to a like-new look on your car. Pieces  can fade and oxidize  over time from UV rays and make your car look aged far beyond its actual year. $---  Ask for quote!

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Package Comparisons

It can be a little hard sometimes to understand what is and what is not included with the various service packages. Click the "Read More" button for a handy chart to help you decide on what service is right for you! 

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